Treble Bleed Circuit

Treble bleed (aka treble bypass) circuits fix a flaw in standard guitar volume controls. Normally, lowering the guitar's volume reduces high frequencies (treble) so the guitar loses its brightness as your turn down the volume. Adding a treble bleed circuit helps retain these high frequencies.

How It Works
A treble bleed circuit is fairly simple and easy to install. Treble bleed circuits use a small value capacitor between 560pF (.00056µF) and 2000pf (.002µF), and in most cases a resistor (100K to 300K), that connects across the volume control input and output lugs. The capacitor only passes high frequencies from the volume input to the volume output, effectively bypassing the volume control. The resistor is typically connected in parallel (and sometimes in series) with the capacitor to limit the high frequencies so it doesn't sound artificially bright as you turn down.

Installing The Circuit
If using a parallel resistor, connect one lead of the capacitor and one lead of the resistor to lug 2 of the volume control. Connect the other capacitor and resistor leads to lug 3.

If using a series resistor, connect one lead of the capacitor to one lead of the resistor. Then connect the free lead of the capacitor (or resistor) to lug 2 of the volume control, and the free lead of the resistor (or capacitor) to lug 3. The sequence of the cap and resistor doesn't really matter so you can install them the other way around.

You can try different cap values to see how they sound. You can also try using a capacitor without a resistor. If the volume doesn't shut off when you turn the control all the way down, you may need to increase the resistor value, or add a resistor if you didn't use one.

Treble Bleed Recommended Values
Values used for the capacitor and resistor are those recommended by DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan, and others. I recommend using polyester or polypropylene capacitors rated at 5% or lower, and 1/4 watt or smaller resistors. Since guitars and pickups all vary, you may want to try different component values to see which ones work best with your rig.

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