About Harry's Guitar Mods

Guitarists continually strive for that perfect tone. It's this "tone quest" that influences which guitar, amp and effects we use.

But it doesn't stop there. We modify our guitar's hardware and electronics in search of that elusive perfect tone.

I've been modifying guitars for almost as long as I've been playing them. In fact, I modified my first guitar back when I was in my high school garage band by giving it a cool green and black striped paint job. It probably didn't affect its tone but it sure looked awesome!

Since then I've replaced pickups, rewired controls, and upgraded hardware on most of my guitars. It's been quite a learning experience.

Modifying a guitar's hardware and electronics are perhaps the easiest and cheapest ways to improve its playability and tonal characteristics. Upgrading the tuners, bridge and nut can help keep it in tune and improve the guitar's sound.

Replacing pots, caps, and pickups can greatly improve the guitar's tone. Adding switchable pickup wiring options (coil tap, phase reverse, etc.) gives you a lot of flexibility for getting different sounds.

Professional guitar techs make these modifications look so easy. But if you can't afford a guitar tech, you can try making these mods yourself. Although these mods are not that difficult, they can be pretty frustrating if you haven't done them before.

Over the years I've picked up some tips and tricks that might help guitarists modify their guitar in search of the perfect tone. Wiring mods, soldering tips, upgrades, repairs and parts, I'll try to cover it all and share what I've learned.