PickupBender™ Switchable Wiring Mods

PickupBender™ combines an integrated switchable wiring mod with a volume or tone control. These passive devices replace standard volume and tone controls so you can install them without drilling new holes in your guitar. And, they install quickly and easily without soldering.

PickupBender™ Coil Cut
Coil Cut Model
These switchable controls put a whole new twist on guitar wiring mods. Guitarists have been installing coil tapping and other wiring mods in their guitars for years, but hand wiring and soldering intricate circuit designs made these mods difficult to install.

The new PickupBender™ patent pending design makes it easy to add these popular wiring mods to your guitar with simple, solder-free installation!

Rather than having to hand wire and solder a wiring mod circuit on the tiny lugs of a push-pull pot, PickupBender™ contains an entire wiring mod on a small circuit board that takes the guesswork out of circuit design. All you have to do is attach your guitar wiring to the solder-less, screw-actuated connectors and you're ready to rock and roll!
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PickupBender™ control switches can replace existing volume or tone controls in virtually any solid or hollow body electric guitar with passive pickups. All models use top quality Bourns® Pro Audio push-pull pots.

PickupBender™ comes in models for some of the most popular wiring mods:
  • Coil Cut switches one or two 4-wire humbucker pickups to vintage style single coil pickups (coil tapping/splitting).
  • Series-Parallel switches a 4-wire humbucker's coils from series to parallel for a single coil sound like the Coil Cut model but keeps the pickup's hum cancelling function in both modes.
  • Phase Reverse switches any 2 pickups out of phase for a unique phase reverse sound when both pickups are selected.
  • Select X10 adds the 2 missing pickup combinations to 3-pickup guitars with a 5-position blade selector switch.
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All PickupBender™ components are lead-free and assembled with silver solder. Each PickupBender™ model comes with a complete installation kit and includes a one-year warranty.