PickupBender™ Phase Reverse

The PickupBender™ Phase Reverse mod reverses the wiring of a pickup (either single-coil or humbucker) so it's out of phase with another pickup when played together. The Phase Reverse sound has been described as thin, bright, hollow, compressed, even nasally, and varies based on your guitar and pickups.

Many guitarists such as Brian May and others have used this type of wiring mod in their guitars. In the past, you had to manually wire and solder the modified circuit and switch in your guitar. Unless you were a skilled guitar tech, the manual installation was a tedious error-prone process.

Now, PickupBender™ makes it simple to install this wiring mod in your guitar without soldering. You don't even need to know how the circuit works, just connect your pickup wires as described in the included user guide and you're ready to rock and roll!

Once you install the PickupBender™ Phase Reverse mod, it's easy to switch the pickup between standard in-phase and out-of-phase wiring. Just pull the control knob out for the out-of-phase sound, and push the knob in for the in-phase sound.

The pickup connected to the Phase Reverse control switch must be on together with another in-phase pickup. Phase Reverse has no effect when the connected pickup is used alone.

PickupBender™ switchable guitar wiring mods are the simplest way to add on-demand pickup rewiring to just about any guitar. They're designed to replace an existing volume or tone control so there's no need to drill new holes in your guitar body or pickguard.

PickupBender™ mods uses top quality push-pull pots and computer-grade screw actuated wire connectors. The solder free connectors make it easy to install and hook up to your guitar's wiring.

  • Replaces a standard volume or tone control with a 3/8" mounting hole
  • Compact pro audio potentiometer with built in push-pull switch
  • Wiring mod circuit preconfigured on custom high quality PCB
  • Fits course knurled push-on or set screw knob (not included)
  • Needs only a 1.1" x 1.1" x 1.1" space inside guitar
  • Use with passive pickups (does not use batteries)
  • Complete install kit and user guide
  • Easy solder-free installation