Cap Decoder

This decoder is for the most commonly used capacitor code. Some capacitors may use their actual value, a color code, military code or EIA code.
  1. Enter the 2 or 3 digit cap code printed on the capacitor.
  2. Select the alphabetic tolerance code (first letter following the cap code).
  3. Click the Decode button to display the cap value and tolerance values.
Cap code

Farad Units Conversion Table
  • 1 millifarad (mF) = one thousandth of a farad (F) or 1000 μF
  • 1 microfarad (μF) = one millionth of a farad (F) or 1000 nF
  • 1 nanofarad (nF) = one billionth of a farad (F) or 1000 pF
  • 1 picofarad (pF) = one trillionth of a farad (F)